When you need 2ndadvice???
When you need 2ndadvice???
Confused or unsure about undergoing an expensive/risky surgery??

2ndadvice.com steps in when the patient and his near and dear ones need immediate help in making important medical decisions.

It is a valuable resource When You:


  1. Find yourself in difficult health scenario regarding your treatment options
  2. Have to make a choice, given the plethora of advices available regarding your specific medical condition
  3. Have no immediate access to specialized care due to the travel/mobility constraints
  4. About to spend a huge sum of money on medical treatment/procedure and not sure if it is worth it
  5. Find yourself lost in complex medical jargon and have lost all hopes
  6. Not sure whether the treatment being given to you is right
  7. Not sure which expert to visit for your medical problem
  8. Running from pillar to post for proper diagnosis
  9. Want to assure yourself that you are not being duped of your hard earned money
  10. Distress and looking for someone who could give you Genuine Advice...

  • This is a good initiative and is very useful… All the best.
    L S Waldiya 
  • Very helpful. Gives you the satisfaction for your heart… Best of Luck
    Ajay Chawla 
  • I must thank 2ndadvice.com, as in the crisis time this is really a ray of hope…… God bless you.
    Alok Raghav 
  • You don’t have to go anywhere and look for one good advice from a pool of advices from all the people around you. Just a click and total satisfaction…… all the best
  • When you are totally confused and do not understand where to go for advice this is absolutely a great help and shows the way… ….. Thank you for making life simple.
  • I am from Moradabad and getting a good advice from the doctor sitting in Delhi was virtually impossible but thanks to 2ndadvice.com, you made it possible. Best wishes.
    Chandra Kant Gupta 
  • "This is a commercial venture with a human touch". Best Wishes, always...
    Rakesh Babbar 
  • Dr (Col) S K Thakur ( Years in practice : 35+ )
    MBBS MD(Gold Medalist),DM,FICA,MCCP,MCAM
    I have had an excellent experience working with 2ndadvice. Would recommend them without hesitation. Online medical opinion at 2ndadvice was very nice and they help the patient to c
  • Dr Parneesh Arora ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS, DM, DNB (Cardiology), MNAMS, FSCAI
    A unique initiative for which the patient does not need to run around and will get a honest advice with just a click of the mouse. Best of Luck.
  • Dr Manoj Talwar ( Years in practice : 20+ )
    MBBS, MS, Mch (Urology) AIIMS
    Pleased to work with 2ndadvice and I would highly recommend them for their exceptional skill and patient care that they provide. They give a medical opinion to their patients with
  • Dr M. S. Kanwar ( Years in practice : 40+ )
    MBBS, MD ,DNB, MNAMS (Res Med), FPGC (Card- Austria), FAMS, FCCP(USA)
    Glad to be associated with 2ndadvice.com because it is doing pioneering work at International level into something so essential for patients to achieve direct contact with the very
  • Dr Manoj Kumar Goel ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MD, FCCP, Dip in Interventional Pulmonology, University of Lille
    I would like to congratulate the team of 2ndadvice.com to bring out such new and innovative online medical opinion service in the market that would reduce the gap between the commu
  • Dr Anil Thakwani ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS, MD ( Radiotherapy)
    Health is a sensitive area for all the individuals. Online Medical Opinion from 2ndadvice.com is a unique service that enables the patients to make informed decisions about their h
  • Dr Vijay Kumar Hangloo ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    Feeling blessed to work with 2ndadvice, as they are the masters in providing a progressive medical opinion in a personalized and comfortable manner. It’s rare to find both qualitie
  • Dr Yash Javeri ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    This idea of online 2nd advice is a novel idea. The best of experts are now just a click away. Clear all your doubts about your health and be confident about the health of yourself
  • Dr Ravi Sauhta ( Years in practice : 20+ )
    MS(Ortho)M.Ch(Ortho)USA, FIAMS,AOFF(USA),AOAA(Swiss)
    When in confusion about your medical issues the 2ndadvice.com help you clear your doubts through Professional advice in consultation with various specialities on board
  • Dr Tanveer Singh ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS,MS,DNB (GI Sur)
    I have been in the healthcare industry for 15 years now. There is a complete makeover of the healthcare delivery system nowadays. Due to the latest advancements in technology and i
  • Dr Amit Gupta ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS (AFMC), DNB (Anaesthesia), Fellow (Critical Care), DHM (NIHFW)
    2ndadvice.com is a good initiative for patients in terms of getting an honest alternative option within the comfort of their homes. All the best.
  • Dr Praveen Kumar ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS, MD,DM (Cardiology) SGPGIMS
    In this present era where life is very hectic and stressful, it is not possible to visit your consultant every time on day to day basis personally. So, its a good initiative...
  • Dr Jotinder Khanna ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    In today’s environment, when it is difficult to trust any opinion on face value, this website offers an opportunity to get genuine advice as no commercial interests are involved.
  • Dr Shalini Chawla Khanna ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS,DGO, DNB (Gyn/Obs) , MNAMS
    It gives us Physicians an opportunity to access cases/situations which can test our knowledge and also gives the satisfaction to help someone who is unable to get right advice or t
  • Dr. Ashok Rajgopal ( Years in practice : 20+ )
    MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Ortho)
    I am very happy to be the part of 2ndadvice team. Its proving out to be a great help in providing medical assistance to those who actually need it.
  • Dr.Vibhore Singhal ( Years in practice : 20+ )
    MBBS, M.S. (Ortho)
    Quality medical advice is the need of the hour and 2ndadvice is the right platform to crosscheck/verify your medications. Proud to be associated with the team...
  • Dr Shyam Rathi ( Years in practice : 20+ )
    Solutions offered by 2ndadvice.com is very good. The concept is very nice. This will help patients to avoid unnecessary treatments.
  • Dr Vivekanandan Shanmugam ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    Simply great and interesting service. I will share this unique online medical service to all my patients to cross check their medical conditions.
  • Dr Neha Gupta ( Years in practice : 10+ )
    On-line consultations are perhaps the way forward. 2ndadvice.com enables patients to consult the experts from distant places besides saving the travel time.
  • Dr Amit Varma ( Years in practice : 15+ )
    MBBS MD (Skin & VD)
    2ndadvice.com is doing a great job. Patients can verify their medical procedure through this website. This will save thousand people. Feeling proud to associate with it.
  • Dr Pratul Priyadarshi ( Years in practice : 12+ )
    MBBS , MD (Gold Medalist)
    My Heartiest Congratulations to 2ndadvice.com for taking such a great initiative. It will definitely help patients to take expert second opinion sitting in the comfort of their ho
  • Dr.Neha Gupta Garg ( Years in practice : 5+ )
    B.sc, M.sc (DFSM), CDE Nutritionist & lifestyle counselor
    2nd advice is a good initiative for patients who need guidance, its valuable services can be utilized at comfort of place, feels good to be a part of this initiative. "
  • Dr Mala Saxena ( Years in practice : 20+ )
    MBBS MS(Obs & Gyn) Gold Medalist
    A great initiative for the people who want to take second opinion about their treatment without any hassels.
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